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This is information about workshops in Poland in polish language. If you wish to know more, go to http://thejourney.pl/odkryj-moc/.

If you see this page, it means you are welcome to the workshops, which usally are leaded in Polish, but English speaking participants can take part and learn the language of the heart.

More info about the current workshop is here: http://thejourney.pl/podrozdopoczatku/

with love, Kinga

The workshop “Fullness, Recall Healing/Total Biology in action” in Palace Pstrokonie is leaded in Polish, but if anyone would like to come and speak English, you most welcome.

Info in Polish here http://thejourney.pl/pelnia-w-palacu/

House of Light Foundation

invite You for the Meeting leaded by

pioneer of anti-carieer in the world – RICK JAROW from USA.

OPOCZNO, Cultural House,

8th of June 2016, 6 p.m

Rick Jarow is anthropologist, astrologer and spiritual teacher. He works as Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Vassar College, New York, USA. His family roots are connected with Poland, where he comes back with his workshops. Leading known for many years seminars of Anti-Career, he has helped thousand of people to transform the life of their career. During his visit in Poland he will lead training in Warsaw about Practice of Abundance. In Opoczno he will lead meeting about discovering your life purpose and vocation following the path of the carrier and work, which can be fusion of realizing your dreams, passion as well as financial fulfillment.


„How would your life change, if you honor your life calling, and not settle for the next job? If you could build sustainable carrier, which would resonate with your deepest level of integrity, passion and purpose … even in those difficult economic times, would you life to do it?”

At the Meeting in Opoczno Rick will give some answers to those question and will speak about his experience and practice, which gives people clarity and definition of their life vocation, and as a consequence progress of their carrier. Rick will share his practical teachings of how to join creative vision in real world.

As the pioneer of the anti-career movement and author of Creating the Work You Love, he has helped thousands open to their intuition, transform their values into action, and answer their true calling… instead of settling for yet another job. In the last few years, Rick’s work has centered around the art and science of manifestation (as offered in his book and workshop, The Alchemy of Abundance). Similar to his work in career and vocation, these teachings transcend the overly simplistic approach made popular by the movie, “The Secret” and other get-what-you-want philosophies. They dive deeper –  into the alchemical possibilities of loving what is, recognizing your greater purpose and moving towards your own healed vision, on both an individual and a cultural level. Every year, Rick travels the world to teach workshops on The Alchemy of Abundance, Creating the Work You Love, and other special focus seminars. www.rickjarow.com

Information about the meeting:

House of Light Foundation, Kinga Maruszczak, 511479704, kingavision@gmail.com www.marzeniawdzialaniu.pl

Testimonial from Kinga Maruszczak: I invite you and recommend meeting with Rick Jarow. Many years ago his book gave me support in following my path of „anti-carrier” – this road, less traveler, as a creator and leader of many non-governmental organisations or historical and cultural projects. In year 2010 I had and honor to take care of Rick during his last visit in Poland, to be translator on the session and meet closer this wonderful man. The knowledge and tools of Practice of Abundance I practice since then and share it now on my own workshops and sessions, joining it with Recall Healing/Total Biology wisdom. Come and use the chance to meet with Rick, with this Master.

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Here are information about workshops in Polish http://thejourney.pl/spelnianie/

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