The Journey to Freedom, to Consciousness

Recall Healing/Total Biology

Tbilisi, 8th of October 2015, 18.00

Zugdidi, 13th of October, 18.00

Themes of the Meeting leaded by Kinga Maruszczak from Poland:

  • How to find the answer to the question „Who am I?” and What am I doing in this world, place, country?”

  • What and where in us is our mind, soul and physical body?

  • Why there are so many problems in the world?

  • Why we are suffering different kind of problems and illnesses, physical, mental, emotional, financial, environmental, political?

  • Why and how we &children get sick and inherit illness after our ancestors?

  • How is the human body functioning according to latest discoveries of Recall Healing, Total Biology, New German Medicine.

  • How simply Ways of realising painful thoughts, feelings, illnesses allows creating reality of our dreams?

  • Fast methods of finding sources of our current problems, which lies in the unsolved problems in the past and realising them for ever.

Recall Healing/Total Biology is modern healing methodology, which explains functioning of human body and appearing of the problems and illnesses. It is a synthesis of 30 years experience in the background of Biology of Human Organism, Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Emotions and Subconscious; it integrates the knowledge drawn from several areas of medical specialization, recognized scientific research and various observations on the plant, animal and human realms. Through applying simple techniques, which are available for everyone in every moment it allows to discover and heal the blockages and problems of physical, emotional and mental body, which stops us from our developments and living full and content life.

What has not become conscious, becomes our destiny – Carl Gustaw Jung

Kinga Maruszczak for many years leads projects and workshops, where she makes visions and dreams reality. She worked in many non-governmental organisations as well as organiser and translator of many different healing techniques, which she implied on herself and now shares with others as healing coach. She is happy mother of two teenage boys, she lives in small wooden house in central part of Poland.


Thursday, 8th of October, 18.00, Tbilisi, Kote abkhazi str 43, georgian restaurante

Tusday, 13th of October, 18.00, Zugdidi, Rustaveli str 34

Information: Shava Jologua,phone:591810229,

Kinga Maruszczak: http://www.thejourney.pl


Written on March 6th, 2013

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